From Delhi To Kedarnath On A Cycle!!

| Updated: April 1, 2022 11:17 am

This news anchor is now a newsmaker!! Meet Ravindra Gautam, the host of a popular business talk show on CNBC Awaaz. He is currently making news with his Delhi-Kedarnath cyclathon. And no, this is not part of a competitive meet. Gautam hopes to raise awareness for his campaign: #SayNoToPlasticBags. The drive started on March 23 from Connaught Place at 6:30 am after he was green flagged off on a hybrid non-gear cycle by Anup Mittal, Rotary District Governor.

 As a leadership coach, his workshops are known to help entrepreneurs with public speaking. In addition, he is the founder and director of Aquarius Media.

Here’s a quick look at his logbook so far: 

Day 1: Delhi to Meerut. 119 km. Night at Meerut. 

Day 2: Meerut to Haridwar. 120 km. Night at Haridwar. 

Day 3: Haridwar to Vyasi. 63 km. Night at Vyasi. 

Day 4: Haridwar to Srinagar in Uttarakhand. 71 km. 

Day 5: Srinagar to Augustmuni. 52 km. Night at Augustmuni 

Day 6: To Unkhimath. 23 km. 

The tour is still on. 

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