Gautam Adani Commits Rs 60,000 Cr Charity On His 60th Birthday on Friday

| Updated: June 23, 2022 7:23 pm

As business tycoon Gautam Adani turns 60 on Friday coinciding with his father Shantilal Adani’s birth anniversary, the Adani Family has committed a donation of Rs 60,000 crore to a range of social causes. This corpus will be administered by the Adani Foundation.

According to the Adani Foundation, to utilize the potential of India’s demographic advantage there is an ever-growing need to focus on the areas of healthcare, education, and skill development. The shortfalls in each of these areas are roadblocks to an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’ Addressing these challenges can significantly enhance the competence and competitiveness of the company’s future workforce.

“In addition to being the 100th birth anniversary of my inspiring father, this year also happens to be the year of my 60th birthday and therefore the family decided to contribute Rs. 60,000 crore towards charitable activities related to healthcare, education, and skill development, especially in the rural regions of our nation,” according to Gautam Adani, Chairman, Adani Group.

In a statement, he added, “At a very fundamental level, programs related to all these three areas should be seen holistically and they collectively form the drivers to build an equitable and future-ready India.”

“Our experience in large project planning and execution and the learning from the work done by the Adani Foundation will help us uniquely accelerate these programs. This contribution from the Adani Family intends to draw upon some of the brightest minds that have a passion to make a difference in the Adani Foundation’s journey to do more towards fulfilling our ‘Growth with Goodness’ philosophy,” Gautam Adani added.

Azim Premji, Chairman of Azim Premji Foundation and Founder Chairman of Wipro Limited and widely recognized as one of the greatest philanthropists of the current time praised the billionaire for this gesture. He said, “Gautam Adani and his family’s commitment towards philanthropy should set an example that we can all try to live Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of Trusteeship of Wealth at the peak of our business success and need not wait for our sunset years”.

Azim Premji added, “The challenges and possibilities of our country demand that we work together as one, cutting across all divides of wealth, region, religion, caste, and more. I wish Gautam Adani and his Foundation the very best in this important national endeavour.”

According to the Adani family, the Adani Foundation has responded to society’s changing needs in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – be it sustainable livelihood, health and nutrition, and education for all or addressing environmental concerns – with an enhanced focus on the empowerment of women, working with multiple stakeholders at the grassroots. Today, it covers 3.7 million people in 2,409 villages across 16 states in India.

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