Guj Vidyapith Trustees Resign in Protest Against Devvrat’s Appointment

| Updated: October 20, 2022 1:44 pm

The controversy surrounding the appointment of the new Chancellor of the Gujarat Vidyapith is not showing any signs of dying down anytime soon. Nine trustees have already tendered their resignations. The trustees are unhappy with the selection of Acharya Devvrat, the incumbent Governor of Gujarat, as the Chancellor of the varsity.

The Chancellorship of Devvrat is proposed in his personal capacity and not as an ex-officio.

Interestingly, the tenure of four out of the nine trustees was to come to an end on October 18. The Vidyapith, in the meanwhile, had decided to extend the tenure of these trustees. However, their resignations are timed in the period after the completion of their tenure and the Vidyapith’s decision to extend the tenure. This would effectively mean that Devvrat would assume charge even before there is any reconciliation with the trustees unhappy with his appointment is initiated.

The trustees whose three-year tenure comes to end on October 18 are Dr Mandabahen Parikh, Dr Sudarshan Iyengar, Kapilbhai Shah and Michalbhai Mazgaonkar. They tendered their resignations on October 17. The Vidyapith had officially announced that the resignations would not be accepted and reconciliatory communication would be initiated with them.The aversion to Devvrat comes from ideological issues. The Gandhian trustees are said to be unable to accept him as Chancellor due to his links with RSS which they think is diagonally opposite to Gandhian thought.

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