Gujarat: BestBuds Sets Milestone In Animal Health Care

| Updated: May 22, 2022 7:38 pm

Would you leave your loved one’s treatment inconclusive because there are no speciality centres in your location? Would you consent to palliative sedation or a lingering on in pain just because the city does not cater to professional health care services for the four-legged?

At least Amdavadis need not subject their pets to such situations anymore. Courtesy Shaival Desai, the city’s “BestBuds Hospital” is equipped with facilities and services to provide pets with timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment. The facility is barely a year old but has successfully treated over 700 cases.

“My pet lost his battle with life and I could do nothing. He had a stomach ulcer which was obstructing the normal functioning of his digestive system. If only we could diagnose the problem correctly,” says Desai, the pain evident in his voice as he recounts the agonising end his canine suffered. “BestBuds” is a buddy, a non-profit, multi-speciality address when you need a vet or simply a check-up to record your pet’s growth markers.

Dr Divyesh Kelawala, Shavival Desai and Deepal Trivedi (L-R)

The clinic has raised the bar in animal health care. Be it in the sophisticated machines used for imaging pets or a dietician to prescribe a convalescent diet for the ones recovering post and illness, “Best Buds” truly is an answer for all such concerns. From dogs and cats to birds, turtles, rabbits and fish, the centre also caters to cattle and bovine ailments. The hospital is equipped with a DR X-Ray room, a dental station, a surgery room with a “V” operating table, an anaesthesia gas evaporator and a ventilator for dogs.

Social media experts Kumar Manish, Madhish Parikh and Amit Panchal (L-R)

Desai also adds: “We are registered as a trust. However, we charge money only to sustain the operational costs in the longer run. The pricing philosophy compensates for all necessary expenses such as the doctor’s time, consultation fee, consumables, etc”

Glossary Of Animals Treated So Far:

Sr Pets Number 
1Dog 500 (Strays: 60) 
2Cat 120 (Strays: 25) 
7Rabbit 10
 Total 731

 Remember, humans can talk, animals can’t. “Which makes accurate diagnosis and timely intervention even more critical. At BestBuds, the clinical expertise of our doctors combined with advanced testing equipment and accurate data-driven analysis ensures that no problem goes undiagnosed,” shares Kelawala.

Currently, the experts include senior veterinarian and in-charge Divyesh N. Kelawala, senior veterinarian Vaibhavi D. Sanghvi and veterinarian Krunal Patel. 


 City\ State Number of pets treated 
1Ahmedabad 699
2Vadodara 20
3Anand 5
6Surat 1
7Gandhidham 1
8Udaipur 1
9Madhya Pradesh 1

Special Cases Treated:

Conjunctival Cyst in a Boxer

“Recently, a two-year-old female boxer was referred with a mass in the left upper eyelid since. We were able to correctly diagnose and operate upon the conjunctival cyst on ultrasound and operated successfully. Pet owner Bina Jadeja went home happily,” shares Dr Kelawala. 

Entropion in a Persian Cat

This was reported in a four-year-old male Persian Cat. There was a history of corneal ulceration due to continuous friction by rolling of eyelids. Severe ocular discharge, blepharospasm and photophobia were also found but Vadodara-based Kirti Chauhan’s pet was treated successfully. 

Gastric Foreign Body in a Golden Retriever Puppy

Chandkheda-based Krutarth Mesariya got surgical removal of gastrointestinal foreign body in a five-month-old Golden Retriever and the operation was a success.

Snake Bite in a German Shepherd

This was an emergency treatment. A German Shepherd came in pain post a Russell’s Viper (venomous) snake bite. 

This one-stop medical destination also has a wellness centre with facilities such as a pet grooming parlour and therapeutic routine facilitators for pets needing a holistic approach to a better quality of life. “We also administer treatment to stray animals and this will be at a 50% discount,” shares Desai. BestBuds also has a comprehensive bathing and grooming center catering to species and breed-specific requirements. Added, it has “dermatological bathing treatments” under the supervision of a veterinarian to make sure skin infections due to fleas and mites are checked in time.

Deepal Trivedi, Founder of Vibes of India is also a trustee of this not-for-profit pet hospital BestBuds.

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