Gujarat: Cops Overwhelmed With Plaints Over Loud DJ Music

| Updated: February 22, 2023 3:19 pm

The most recent and prevalent offence in the state is DJ music being played loudly through enormous speakers. Particularly, during the current wedding season, the rowdy decibel levels have compelled residents to call the police for assistance and flooded the control room with complaints of blaring music.

In the 18 months, since January 2021, 10,277 complaints concerning noise pollution were filed with the Ahmedabad city police. Yet, other than the seizure of two vehicles, no action was taken against anyone in charge of the commotion.

The Gujarat Pollution Control Board’s December 2019 notification mandating sound limiters in sound systems was the subject of a high court inquiry, and the Ahmedabad police responded by filing five FIRs in January 2023, precisely, the same day they had submitted an affidavit to the HC.

On January 20, the Ahmedabad police commissioner attempted to reduce noise pollution in public areas and on roads by enacting regulations and requesting that religious institutions prevent their sound systems from “being too loud”, so that it could be heard outside of their walls.

This notification mandates permission to play music and utilise public address systems, but it forbids mike systems and instruments in public areas. Only under specific circumstances is the mike system allowed to be used.

For religious places, the Ahmedabad police circular says, “In temples, churches, and mosques, the sound of the mike system/instrument should be limited in such a way that it does not go beyond the premises.” 

Barodians aren’t exempt either; over the past few months, raucous DJ music has been the subject of nearly 50% of daily calls to the Vadodara police control.

In fact, the Vadodara municipal police control centre has reported over 400 calls from irate residents who are complaining about ear-splitting DJ music in just seven days. Police have started making complaints against DJs and seizing music systems out of concern about the rise in DJ music threats. “It has become a big cause of concern in the city areas. We get dozens of complaints every day,” said Shamsher Singh, the city police commissioner.

A senior police official said that the number of complaints has shot up due to the big DJ systems now being played in the wedding processions. “DJs are hired for even paltry events. It is giving citizens sleepless nights,” he added.

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