Gujarat: Hindu Organisations Attack Santa Claus Alleging ‘Forced Conversion’

| Updated: January 1, 2023 5:20 pm

Ahead of the New Year’s celebrations in Ahmedabad, people dressed as Santa Clause were allegedly assaulted by a Hindu group. Bajrang Dal activists reached the entrance of the zoo where the government was hosting Kankaria Carnival 2022 on Friday evening.

They claimed that by providing tourists with chocolates and religious materials, the Santa Claus impersonators were engaging in conversion activity. Additionally, they stated that they were the target of similar accusations.

North Gujarat Bajrang Dal president Javalit Mehta said, “When we went there to protest against the people who were doing religious conversion activity, there was a clash with some of them.” On social media, a video showing members of the Hindu supremacist group hitting and beating others who were dressed as Santa Claus went viral. In order to promote their religion, the members were observed yelling at the Santa Clauses to “go back” to their churches.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad spokesperson Hitendrasinh Rajput said, “For the past four days of the Kankaria Carnival, missionaries have been promoting Christianity by selling books dressed as Santa Claus near the entry of the zoo and promoting conversion activities by explaining about Jesus and Christianity. On being informed about the matter, 20 activists led by North Gujarat president of Bajrang Dal Javalit Mehta stopped the conversion activity in the government program at around 9 pm on Friday.”

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