Gujarat Minister Arvind Raiyani Seen Quivering In A Viral Video

| Updated: May 27, 2022 4:47 pm

A viral video shows the Civil Aviation Minister of Gujarat, Arvind Raiyani, worshipping his Kuldevi in a never-seen-before style. The Minister, also known as Rakhdhibandh Bhuva, quivered while whipping himself during a holy event. The Raiyani family arranged a musical ceremony to worship their village goddess in the Gunda village of Rajkot. They also invited a large gathering to the event. 

However, a video of Arvind Raiyani went viral and sparked a debate on social media platforms. Politicians have had heated conversations over the video as it went viral amid the campaigns for the Lok Sabha elections. The incident took place under the tent set up by the Raiyani family. In the video, we can see Arvind Raiyani surrounded by many friends and family members. 

Earlier, Arvind Raiyani used Rakhdibandh Bhuva to denote himself for years. Even in the invitation cards sent out by his family, the title used for Raiyani was not ‘Civil Aviation Minister’ but ‘Rakhdibandh Bhuva.’ Shortly after the hymns and chimes to worship the goddess started, the Minister whipped himself with a silver object. Speculations say that the silver thing was a bunch of thick chains. 

The MLA has given a statement saying, “We invited different families to celebrate the passage of Chaitra Navratri. We believe in this ritual because the goddess answers our prayers.” However, it is not the first time a video of Arvind Raiyani has gone viral. Two years earlier, a video of the BJP MLA went viral and people saw him spit in a community kitchen.

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