Gujarat: This Saurashtra Village Is a Movement

| Updated: November 23, 2022 2:47 pm

While Gujarat is immersed in political fever as the election day is approaching, a village — Raj Samadiyala — 22km from Rajkot — is setting an example. Election campaigning of all political parties is strictly prohibited by the residents of Raj Samadiyala, and no candidate from any political party can campaign or carry out any kind of election-related activity in this village.
A fine of Rs 51 for non-voters

But that does not mean the village is not politically active. Its residents have a new rule, according to which, everyone living in the village must vote. If anyone is found not voting, he/she is fined Rs 51. The sarpanch of Raj Samdhiyala said that since 1983, the rule in the village is not to allow political parties to campaign here whereas voting is compulsory for everyone.

No locks
Another feature of Raj Samadiyala is that there are no locks in any of the houses in this village. Everyone leaves their doors open, including the shopkeepers. Customer enter the shops, take whatever they need, and leave money in the aisle. Barring one incident, there has never been a theft in this village. Even in that one case, the thief himself confessed his crime in the panchayat and paid compensation.

Gutkha is banned

There is no need to conduct an anti-gutkha campaign in this village, as gutkha is already banned here. Raj Samadiyala has also set an example in water conservation. This village in the dry region of Saurashtra is an example in water management. Now enough water for agriculture and animal husbandry is available in the village which has been awarded the Best Gram Panchayat in Gujarat.

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