Gujarat: Validity Of Town Planning Officers’ Validity Extended

| Updated: October 12, 2022 4:06 pm

The state government has extended the state town planning officer’s (TPO) opinion on real estate developments from its previous six-month validity term to one year. This puts an end to the misunderstanding over the city civic body’s recent decision to entirely scrap the validity period of the opinion. 

The proposed town planning scheme requires builders to consult with the chief city planner and the state-appointed town planning officer before requesting development clearance for a real estate project on their plot. Clarity regarding the boundaries, form, and orientation of the plot on which development work has been done is ensured by doing this.

The norm used to be that an opinion was only valid for six months. The opinion’s six-month validity had been removed by Chaitanya Shah, chief city planner, in a circular she issued on September 9.

However, the government has overturned the AMC’s decision to do away with the validity of the opinion as it would create confusion if the TPO, based on suggestions and objections from landowners, made changes in the TP scheme.

All municipal commissioners and CEOs of urban development bodies in the state received a circular from the state’s urban development department on September 28. According to the statement, TPO’s assessment of the final plot is valid for a year. Additionally, according to the circular, most of the roads in TP schemes will be 18 metres wide.

Following this directive, the town planning division of the AMC issued a circular on October 11 revoking the one it had previously issued on September 9. According to the most recent circular, if the one-year validity of the TPO’s opinion has passed, the developers will need to request the CCS’s opinion once more.

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