Gujarati teen gets trapped by dark web hackers, found in Rajasthan

| Updated: June 28, 2022 7:17 pm

A Gujarati Teen, who was missing, was located by police wandering around the Ajmer Dargah area in a disorganised state. According to reports, an inquiry revealed that the teenager had been tricked by some hackers on the dark web, causing the loss of roughly Rs 5 lakh from his mother’s account.

About Teen:

The 17 years old, is a Gujarati class 12 student in Bharuch. In a condition of terror and panic, the cops caught him and gave him to a government-run child welfare organization.

The teen had minor scratch marks on his body and was in a state of shock. The welfare group said that as soon as he gained consciousness, he began to talk to people.

How did he got trapped?

The young man initially claimed to have been abducted, but he couldn’t support his claims. After that, he began talking about the deep and dark web. After listening to his bits and pieces of information, child psychiatrists’ concluded that he was abducted by the deep web.

The teen is a Gujarati businessman’s kid who lives in Bharuch. On Thursday of last week, he vanished from his Gujarat home, and his family members found him on Saturday near Ajmer.

The total amount that hackers stole was four lakhs and 82 thousand, which she collected for their elder son to send to Canada.

The child reportedly fled the house out of concern for the family’s reaction. According to the officials, the family is anxious because of recent occurrences, the child’s abnormal behaviour, and the financial loss.

What is the dark web?

About 90% of all online content is on the deep web, the portion of the internet not accessible by standard search engines. To access the deep web, one needs a password, just like your email or online banking. Typically, it poses no threat. The Dark Web accounts for 5% of the deep web’s material and is utilized for both legitimate and unlawful activities.

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