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Gujaratis Idea Of American Dream Freezes To Death

| Updated: January 25, 2022 10:34 am

Even after consecutive actions, humiliation, deportation and to cost the very lives which they want to give label as American Dream, more and more Gujaratis are falling to dangerous practises of reaching the country for that elusive American dream. One family from this non-descript village has already frozen to death on the US Canada border.

People o Dingucha village, some 12 kilometre from the Gujrat capital of Gandhnagar has a registered popular of 3000 people but most of them give a wry, wily smile. “More than a 1800 people of our village, that is a majority live in America. “, They are less concerned about the death of a family, including a three-year old child frozen to death whilst smuggling into the United State of America from the Cananda border. One more such family is missing.

Every house is replete with candies bought from Costco and Tang besides jalepeno wafers. The death is very sad but the villagers say they will find out the agent who promised a first class human smuggling exercise and charged them RFs 65 lacs, that is nearly 89,000 dollars. They are trying to get in touch with some relatives of another group on the phone.

Dindgucha is largely a Patel area. The area takes pride that it was in the early 70’s they started mgratng to America. Then there were no so issues, an old man said. The American dream fascination contains. Vibes of India is trying 9o figure out the number of people from this small hamlet living in the united state, united kingdom, Canada and Mexico but se yet do not have complete compiled list.

Are dreams made of frozen nights, dreams about working a Indian owned convenience stores at half the legal wages and tht very lure to pose outside a concrete abandoned street and then whatsapp pictures to ironically, many a times to well off Indian relatives to boats the American Dream has been achieved?

Sinister it may sound, the American flag still holds an indescribable power, hold and clout that thousands of Gujaratis start grooming about their life in America much before a passport application is made.

Gujarat in Western India is one of those where a well respectable MBA or would not mind “pursuing “ their American dream. Sellng Dunkin Doughnuts or cleaning up a toilets are tasks these ambitious people often do masking It vaguely as America really respects dignity of labour.

The Patel family from Gujarat’s Gandhinagar district, the latest victims of a botched upon American dream were not some poor beggars on the road. Jagdish, the leader of the group was a respectable school teacher.

Still, he along with three family members pursued the American dream. Last night, all four froze to death in Canada while attempting to illegally cross over to the American border. The Patel family lived in Gujarat. I Summers, temperature hereis over 42 degrees Celsius. Jagdish Patel 35, his wife Vaishali 33 and their two kids Vihanngi 13 and Dharmik , just three years old, has ofcoursed hired an agent. Plenty of agents who advertised through newspapers and give ideas on how to reach America if they don’t have a valid visa.

The Patel family including the three year old child were promised this movement by an agent who had taken Rs 65 lacks from them for this human trafficking. The smuggler had already taken USD 89,000 for this operation.

When the frozen bodies were recovered, the temperature was minus 35 degrees Celsius.

The life long Americn dream has become a night mare.

This group wa a part of a group that had set out for Canada along with others from their village. Sources told Vibes of India that other groups still remain missing or maybe they have found some shelter. This family which froze death planned to land in North Dakota and then make further plans. IN India, they were saving money since over a decade.

This family hailed from DIngucha village in Gandhnagar.

A person from Dingucha village from where the Patel family hailed, told Vibes of India that the Patels had arranged the deal for Rs 65 lakhs with an agent to travel to the U.S. illegally through the Canadian border. He also said that the family had already paid a hefty amount to the agent.

Another person from the village who was well known to the Patel family told Vibes of India that Jagdish bhai, the patriarch of the Patel family wanted to move with his family to the U.S. for many years. More than half of Jagdhish Bhai’s family members from this village are currently settled in America. This family too had a strong desire to settle there as most Patel families believe that one member of the family should settle in America or it is a “family insult”.

The Patels in this village attach a lot of importance to settling in the United States. It is a matter of dignity and social prestige for them. They are not content being super wealthy in India. They must chase their American dream no matter what it costs- even life as has been proved in this tragic case.

Last year, a 24 year old man from Mehsana, another district in north Gujarat, decided to leave the country with his family as he was being harassed by local politicians. With help from an agent, he reached the Mexican border. From there, another local agent joined another group of people crossing the border illegally. His dream of settling in the United States was shattered and he was arrested along with other Indians by the Border Police and taken to a detention centre in Louisiana. According to preliminary information, the agent was paid a whopping Rs 30 lakhs to enter the United States illegally.

A few years ago, a woman from north India died with her daughter in the scorching heat after crossing the border for 22 hours in the desert of Arizona, USA.

Arizona Border

The old Trump administration had begun building a state-of-the-art wall on the Mexico border. Illegal immigrants are now increasingly crossing from the Canada border across the United States. While the southern Mexican side of the border has a tropical climate similar to that of India, the northern border area of Canada has a freezing cold and harsh climate. Increasing infiltration from the northern border is also a cause of concern.

In 2007, a BJP MP was also caught to send a young woman to Canada illegally on a government diplomatic passport of his wife. The investigation showed that about Rs 30 lakhs had been fixed to enter Canada illegally.

BJP Ex. MP Babubhai katara

The question that arises from such cases is whether such desperation is worth the effort? How reasonable is it for such individuals to endanger their lives.

Would they not just be better off exploring progressive schemes of the government to promote new start-ups and innovations in India?

It is for the government to think of ways to prevent such disasters by creating good avenues of employment in India that assure citizens a bright future.

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