Gujarat’s Developmental Governance Is Reflected Throughout India – JP Nadda

| Updated: April 29, 2022 3:01 pm

BJP President J.P. Nadda today said that Gujarat is the party’s laboratory and now the state’s governance model is reflected throughout the country. Nadda, who  is in the state for just one day, was addressing a press conference from the BJP office at Koba in Gandhinagar.

With Assembly polls fast approaching all parties are in full-on preparation mode, and BJP is definitely in the forefront. Nadda’s visit to the state is just part of this preparation.

Nadda praised PM Modi’s governance model and said that he has worked hard to change the culture of politics.  He said, while others fought elections by bringing up racism, sectarianism, regionalism and such disputes, PM Modi is promoting a successful development model. BJP is far ahead in providing facilities and working towards the welfare of the villages, the poor, the downtrodden, the exploited as well as the dalit communities.

Furthermore, Nadda said that just talking about bringing about the change is not enough, it is also important to make the right decisions and take planned action when it is needed. He said, “Because of PM Modi’s proper governance during the Corona time, the country was abl;e to successfully tackle the pandemic.”

He also insisted that when pandemic was at its worst, only BJP workers, activists and volunteers were working at the ground level. Taking a jab at the opposition, he said that all other parties had their members and workers quarantined, instead of trying to ease people’s problems during this time.

Talking about PM Modi’s  vaccination, Nadda said that India managed to develop vaccine, do test runs and provide it to the public in such a short span of time. Also,  vaccination drives were managed efficiently across the country. “India’s vaccination program is the largest and fastest vaccination program in the world. This is the result of PM Modi’s leadership,” he said.

Earlier this morning Nadda addressed a rally in Ahmedabad, where he said that BJP would continue to have strong hold in India and that it was the only party that can lead the country ahead.

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