Ghogha-Hazira RORO Ferry Service Resumed After 3 Months Break

| Updated: October 28, 2021 12:28 pm

After a three-month hiatus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project, the Ghogha RORO Ferry service has resumed. Though It will save people’s time, but it might be costlier.

To benefit the Ghogha port of Bhavnagar, the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Ghogha Dahej Ferry Service  for sea transport in the year 2012. The project could not take off the way it should be, despite Rs 350 crore project  reaching the cost of Rs 700 crore. The project was acquired by the central government after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. However, the ferry was shut down more than 5 times following the ship’s engine shutdown at Dahej. This is the first time it has been closed for 3 months due to maintenance, after starting from Hajira.

This ferry has become very beneficial for traders and diamond traders commuting between Bhavnagar to Surat. But Ferry ran into controversy after a passenger died of suicide 4 months ago. The ship however has CCTV and 4 security guards.

The ferry between Surat  and Bhavnagar will start at 8 am and reach Bhavnagar around 12 noon. It will take off from Bhavnagar to Hajira again at 3 pm and reach between 7 or 8. However, ferry fares have also been increased. Rs. 200 for two wheeler has been increased to Rs. 500. From Rs.1,300 for the car, Rs. 1,400 is fixed. A truck which cost Rs. 8,000 earlier now costs Rs. 8,500.

At the same time, the persons accompanying the vehicle have to buy their tickets separately. The ship has arrangements for 500 people wherein ticket prices are Rs. 625 for executive, Rs. 825 for business and Rs. 1700 for VVIP.

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