Heavy Downpour In Navsari, City Gets Flooded By Rising Water Levels Of Rivers Nearby

|navsari | Updated: July 14, 2022 5:45 pm

The city of Navsari situated in south Gujarat has been slathered with heavy rain since morning, until now the city has received approximately eight inches of heavy downpour. Along with blocked roads, rivers around the city have also begun to overflow due to the heavy rain. Rivers near the city Purna, Ambika and Kaveri rivers are currently flowing at alarming levels, and roads have also been submerged in water as river waters have begun to seep inside the city. The city has been engulfed with incessant rain for the last eight days which has caused desolation for the locals. 

The district collector of Navsari has also appealed to the people that due to heavy rains and raging rivers, they must consider moving towards safer and low-lying areas. Throughout yesterday night, the municipal corporation and administration worked hard to evacuate people.

In the morning, many low-lying houses, shops, and other properties in the city were submerged in water.

Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway 48 has been closed due to the overflowing of Kaveri river near Chikhli town. 40 thousand people have been affected by the flood in the entire district. 14,000 people have been evacuated. The NDRF team has rescued a total of 21 people in the district, currently, it is still raining heavily there. Additionally, the team has also rescued round 48 villagers rescued from Sadakpar-Golwad village near Kaveri river.

Additionally, the water levels under the Prakash Talkies underbridge near the Navsari railway station have also increased, hence the Mumbai-Ahmedabad train service is also likely to be affected. The state highway connecting Surat, Sachin and Maroli has also been closed, and city bus services have also come to a halt. Holidays have been declared in vivid schools for the last three days.

River water levels near Navsari district: 

Alarmingly, the water level of the Purna river is at 27 feet currently (flowing above the danger level of 23 feet). The Ambika river is flowing at 31.81 feet ( above the danger level of 28 feet). The waters in the Kaveri river are at a level of 28 feet ( above the danger level of 19 feet).

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