Hooch Tragedy: Guj Prohibition Dept Still Speechless After 57 Deaths

| Updated: July 27, 2022 9:48 pm

The Gujarat Prohibition Department, responsible for licensing, supervision, and site visits, remains speechless amid the deaths of 57 people after drinking spurious liquor. There is no information about whether or not the methyl company held a license. It is questionable that bootleggers smuggled around 600 litres of methyl under the Gujarat Prohibition Department’s nose.

According to the sources, the licensed company has some political backing, and there are strict instructions about not speaking on the current matter.

As per the reports, bootleggers smuggled chemical methyl mixed with water in the name of alcohol in Botad. However, the daily consumers could not recognise the product and drank it.

Currently, the government has appointed a Special Investigation Team (SIT), including top officials of Gujarat. But, as the SIT and local police stations investigate the matter, no one has raised a single finger at the Department.

The Gujarat Prohibition Department is responsible for licensing methyl. However, there are two types of licenses called M1 and M2 for sales and product use. As per the rules, everything has to take place under supervision. For the same, the NCB appoints a designated officer.

However, when Team Vo! tried to contact the Superintendent of Narcotics Division, Ramesh Vasava, he did not respond. Further, the person with the license named after him has some political influence, due to which his name has not been disclosed.

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