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Hooligans Terrorize Ahmedabad’s Atma Nirbhar Cafe On SG Highway

Atma Nirbhar Cafe

Thugs stormed the Atma Nirbhar Cafe on SG Highway in Ahmedabad on Monday night. They injured two young men by thrashing them consistently with chairs. Three out of four thugs fled the scene before the police arrived. However, Vastrapur cops were able to arrest one person. 

The Vastrapur police station has registered a complaint against the anti-social elements. They have also begun the investigation. But, Ahmedabad cops do not allow regular people to sit on the road. However, the cafes and snack centers of Ahmedabad thrive at night.

What Happened?

Roshan lives in the Samdara village of the Kheda district and does farming with the Kalubhai Desai family for living. On May 23, Roshan and his brother-in-law, Jaideep Rabari, left for the airport to drop off their cousin, Jairam Prabhat Desai. While returning, they went to the Atma Nirbhar Cafe on SG Highway. Both were sitting with their friend Samir Shah till 3 AM. Later that night, four boys intruded into the cafe and started pushing the victims out. They also abused them and beat them with chairs. 

The surrounding people also discussed that the accused four men are terrorizing the area. Meanwhile, the news of the incident reached the police, who rushed to the spot. The initial interrogation revealed that the four men are Umang Kumar, resident of Satyagraha Camp in Satellite, his brother Jhalak, Mayank Vasant Kumar Bhargia, and Varun. Vastrapur police were successful in arresting Bhargia.

According to sources, young men like Bhargia threaten people every night on places like SG Highway and Sindhu Bhavan Road. It has now become an uproar among the authorities. The DCP of the area prevents the people from hanging around the streets late at night. Although, the cafes are allowed to run. According to the cops, such places have become a haven for unwanted activities. 

A few days ago, the cops arrested two men selling drugs in Ahmedabad’s famous hangout spot ‘Baap No Bagicho.’ Speculations say that authorities have turned a blind eye to such issues.

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