How This Man Is Batting For Environmental Sustainability

| Updated: October 17, 2022 8:32 pm

Lokendra Balasaria, an architect and a planner by profession, is now an urban ecologist by choice and deed. He shut down his design firm a few years ago with the intention of giving back to the nature and has since given all of his attention to ecological charity activities.

He focuses on studies, research, information exchange, and training on a variety of topics linked to the environment in cities, such as urban biodiversity, aquatic biodiversity, rainwater harvesting, lake management, food gardening, waste management, home composting, urban air pollution, etc. Additionally, he has given speeches and led seminars on a variety of stages in numerous places both inside and outside of India.

In 2013, He jointly started TREEWALKS, a big community and movement for interacting with and preserving nature that has now attracted more than a thousand families from various Indian cities.

Earlier, TreeWalks conducted a training session for SHG (Self help group)members to maintain the garden and urban forest at Sinnar, Maharashtra. The session aimed to acquaint the members with good practices of organic gardening and further address their queries.

This is a growth season for plants.  Many trees and shrubs are blooming; some with new leaves and others with flowers. Currently, Plants are in a growing season. There are many blossoming trees and shrubs, some with fresh leaves and others with flowers and it’s a good time to make leaf powders – Moringa, Curry leaf, Nagod, lemon grass leaves can be dried and crushed to make powder. Hibiscus flowers can be persevered as dehydrated powder or gulkand.  

Probably the easiest to make and the most versatile and useful for wellness is Moringa leaf powder. Also, it can be added while making dough for rotis, in soups, in sabjis, sprinkled on salad, pasta etc, mixed in smoothies or mixed in hair pack and face pack as well. It has tremendous all round health benefits and is advised for regular consumption. Dry the drumstick leaves in shade, dry crush in a mixer and fine screen it to use the powder in multiple ways.

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