Indian Army Conducts Large Field Training Exercises Involving All Warfighting Entities

| Updated: December 2, 2022 1:39 pm

The Indian Army conducts large field training exercises involving all entities of war fighting with the determination of the “whole of the nation” approach. Civil agencies from Rajasthan’s western borders participated in the exercise.

In a statement, the Indian Army stated that the exercise validated their actions in line with the ‘whole of the Nations’ approach to a decisive victory. 

Earlier today, the Indian and US armies trained together under the “Youth Abhyas 2022” program, exchanging best practices while operating under the United Nations (UN) mandate, the Indian Army said in a statement.

Youth Abhyas is an annual exercise between India and the United States to exchange best practices, tactics, techniques, and procedures between the armies of the two countries. The previous edition of the exercise was held in October 2021 at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson in Alaska (US). During the cross-training phase of the Joint military exercise ‘Harimanu Shakti 2022,’ troops from the Indian Army and Malaysian Army practiced operations in jungle terrain on Wednesday.

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