India’s Daily Covid Tally Mark 3.7k: Top 5 updates

| Updated: June 7, 2022 4:57 pm

India on Tuesday reported 3,714 fresh covid cases. This is the fourth straight day when India has reported 3000 plus covid cases. In the last ten days India has reported more than 34,000 cases. 

Here are the top five updates from India: 

  1. On Monday, Gujarat reported a total of 53 cases. A total of 36,924 persons were vaccinated against COVID-19, bringing the total number of doses administered in Gujarat to 11.02 crore, according to the health department.
  1. In Maharashtra, the state cabinet directed the administration to guarantee that persons in districts where Covid-19 cases are on the rise are wearing protective gear. It did, however, request that the violators not be punished. The test positivity rate is particularly high in Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Raigad, and Pune.
  1. Due to a spike in COVID-19 cases in Bengaluru, the city’s civic administration has made masks mandatory in public areas and decided to raise COVID-19 testing from 16,000 to 20,000 per day.
  1. Total of 1,94,27,16,543 people in India have been vaccinated in India 
  1. There are a total of 26976 active cases in India.  

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