Indonesian Coal Ban Rattles South Gujarat Industries

| Updated: January 5, 2022 12:41 pm

Over rising concerns for the supply in domestic power plants, Indonesia – the world’s largest exporter of coal has banned the export of coal which is adversely affecting industries using coal.

According to reports around 40,000 tons of coal is being supplied every day to various industries spread across South Gujarat. The coal prices in both, domestic and imported category has gone up to 1000 – 3,300 per ton , depending on the calorific values of the coal.

The industries claim that they would not be affected by the price rise if the issue will be resolved within a weeks time and they have enough coal reserved for the upcoming few weeks. The Indonesian coal is widely used and the supply would be affected but those who have stocked it up will be at benefit.

He also said that the prices shot up to Rs 1000 on the day Indonesia imposed a ban. Around 40,000 tons of coal is supplied to the South of Gujarat, on daily basis, from local ports. This coal is used as the main fuel in industries such as textile processing, cement, steel, paper, and chemical in South Gujarat.

One of the processors said that the at present they have enough stock and they would not be affected for the next 15 days but later the heat will be felt.

They hope for the matter to be resolved after a meeting on Wednesday, between the Indonesian Government and the coal miners.

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