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Injured MSU Student Not Allowed To Give Exam By Authorities

In a shocking incident, a student of MSU who got injured in a road accident was not allowed to sit in her exam. She arrived with stitches on her wounds and request the authorities to allow her to sit in the exam. Later student leaders arrived and aggressively approached the authorities over the matter.

Hitakasi Vaidya, a final year student of the Commerce faculty of MS University, Vadodara, was heading to the university in a two-wheeler on Monday morning. Meanwhile, near Manisha crossing, she met with an accident as a dog came suddenly in front of her vehicle. Her mother Hina Vaid rushed to the spot after the message and took her to the hospital for treatment.

The student received stitches on her face and was treated for the bruises on her arm and leg. The doctor advised her not to go for the exam due to the injuries. However, gathered courage she reached the unit building at 9 am to give the exam as she did not want to spoil the year. However, the authorities get to know the situation 20 to 25 minutes later and not allowed her to sit for the exam claiming it is against the rules.

“I was not in physical and mental condition after the accident but yet came to appear in the exam to save my year. I never get ATKT in my whole studies but now this incident will affect my marks,” said a disheartened Hitakshi.

The incident create an uproar and student leaders arrived there to support the student. They also threaten a protest if the authorities failed to give justice to the student. However, the authorities cleared that the rules do not allow her to sit in the exam.

“As per this time exam pattern section 2 is of objective type and as per rules, we seal it at 9 am. Secondly, the already absent sticker was put there and it is not possible to allow her to be present in the other section. As per university rules, no student should be allowed to sit for the examination after half an hour,” said Kalpesh Shah, Vice-dean Faculty of Commerce.