International Forest Day to Renew Pledge to Go Green

| Updated: March 21, 2022 12:36 pm

While Earth lovers across the world observe June 5 as Environment Day with green pledges, not many are aware of March 21 being International Day of Forests. The day is celebrated to raise awareness about the significance of different types of forests. The UN General Assembly in 2012 declared the day keeping in sync with Vernal Equinox which aligns itself in the March 21-22 framework.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption.”

The observance is to remind people to value and save forests and the importance of forests. Forests play an essential role in proving food, water, and shelter to animals as well as human beings. In fact, the forests are the veritable green cover of Earth and the crux of all eco-systems.

With much efforts being directed towards prevention of global warming, this day assumes a special significance. It is necessary to follow the sustainable management of forests along with the judicious use of its resources.

Back in 1971, the 16th session of the Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) voted for “World Forestry Day.” Then the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) held six “Forest Days” from 2007 to 2012. Finally, on November 28, 2012, March 21 was declared as International Day of Forests (IDF) by the United Nations General Assembly.

On this day, several agencies encourage countries to “undertake local, national and international efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns.”

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