Journey To Singapore: My Dive Into My Father’s World

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Journey To Singapore: My Dive Into My Father’s World

| Updated: June 2, 2022 18:44

Our world is full of secrets and bonds. My father’s universe was always a fantasy to me. I consider myself lucky to have discovered his worldview as we travelled across Singapore, the Lion City. The summer of 2022 made me the happiest.

I went to Singapore with my father in May 2022. The trip created an everlasting bond between us. Moreover, I discovered his side of the world, his universe. 

It might sound different, but the best thing I love and adore about my father is his walk. His force conveys a message of ‘Vini, Vidi, Vici,’ which means I came, I saw, and I conquered. However, this time, I saw and conquered the secrets of his universe. 

The Trip

I departed for Singapore with my father, a big smile plastered on my face and glee in my eyes. We explored Singapore, and I discovered the world of my dreams. Sometimes I say it often, but my father is like no other. 

Our trip started with silence and solace. But, as soon as we stepped foot in Singapore, we broke the ice. I realised that I love spending time with him, day or night. After spending quality time with him, my thoughts changed from ‘be the reason behind your father’s smile’ to ‘you are the reason behind your father’s smile.’

While boarding back home, he said, “I would love to take you on such journeys again.” I kept quiet, but inside I screamed, “Yes, please.” So, I hope I do a little more discovering again on the next trip. 

Often, people wonder about the reason for my desire to find my father’s universe. It is because I want to cartography my map inspired by his life. When I ask, “Who am I?’ My inner voice proudly says, “I am the shadow of my father’s brilliance.”

Aarushi, Kid Reporter At VOI and Class 6 Student in Anand Niketan, Ahmedabad

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