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Vacation: The Reward For All-Year-Long Hard Work

| Updated: April 10, 2022 20:45

The global pandemic became a vacation for all the students. But, in reality, all we did was lay on the couch and watch television all day long. A vacation in its true nature is a summer break during which eating ice pops, roaming around in the evening, and annoying mom all-day is the talk of the town. 

Sometimes, going back to the year 2020, the pre-covid era, is all I want. I cherish the magical memories I have made with my friends during my previous summer vacations. Playing cricket in Ahmedabad’s blazing sun and getting tan still remains the top souvenir. All my friends and I expect the same this year, looking at the city’s current weather.

Returning to worried parents was also a delightful bliss during these summer breaks. I look forward to embracing such small moments of absolute joy again in 2022. 

I remember visiting my maternal uncle’s farmhouse on the county side. Every wish of mine becomes a prince’s desire when I am there. My wishes of going to a trekking field, having fresh mangoes, and relaxing under a tree’s shade have come true in that dreamland. It is a place where the worry of delayed assignments, projects, or exams stays miles away.

In the summer of 2022, I wish to become a toddler again. A boy who cries when he falls down. A boy who does not know the difference between winner and runner-up. A boy who eats roadside panipuri again without hesitating or overthinking about hygiene. This makes me nostalgic about the past but excited about the upcoming vacation. Becoming the little Sonu from the grown-up Mithilesh. 

Mithilesh Khandwala is a class 6 student at the Anand Niketan School, Satellite Area, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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  1. Parimal Patel

    Very nice article to describe the true value of vacation in terms of enjoyed the real nature beauty..
    Well done “Sonu”!!

  2. Parthiv Shah

    Very well written … Everyone of any age will easily identify with emotions … Excellent usage of vocabulary… Keep it up Sonu ?

  3. Dr Edwin Pithawala

    Very impressive thought…… grow, glow and glitter to reach a pinnacle of life ??

  4. Gagandeep singh

    Like father like son , very smart and humble and very mature kid according to the era . And describing the truth of every kid of their vacation . The typical garvi Gujarat vacation whether a billionaire or a common person.

  5. Bhavesh Goswami

    Pre-pandemic and post-pandemic life is far better than what we suffered in last 2 years. Agreed with you dear Sonu.

  6. Dharmendra Mandaliya

    This is the need of the day for a large number of children, taking breaks from school routines and learning from nature. Congratulations to Mithilesh, very nicely expressed.

  7. Dr Dharmesh Shah

    A very well organized & expressive thoughts at very young age, Kudos to Mithilesh????

  8. Dr Natubhai patel

    Congratulation to Mithilesh with best wishes for his bright future
    Best artical with impressive though

  9. જલય ચૌહાણ

    અતિ અને અદભૂત કે જે યાદો અને વિચારો અમર રહે અને વીતેલી સુંદર યાદો અને વાતો જે હંમેશા પોઝિટિવ વિચારો આપે તેવું વર્ણન…!

  10. Joyjit Sinha Roy

    Wonderfully expressed. Good going Mithilesh. I would advise you to be a regular blogger. At this age if you have such skills, then I am sure that you will be a potential writer in future. Keep doing the good job. I want to see you publishing books in future. I will really feel proud to see you as an author in future. Keep dreaming and keep on sticking to your ambition. You will be successful surely. Stay blessed. Download some of the blogging applications like blogspot or bloggers dot com. Keep publishing your blogs regularly. And then share those blog links at facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest. Remember, most of the successful authors begin their journey as a blogger. Develop your readers ( fan or follower base ) and the day you find that you have good followers, publish your first book with 100 copies. Incase you need any advise, please contact me anytime. Best of luck.

  11. V.G.Varghese

    Mithilesh, Very well narrated. Very good. Positive attitude. Beautiful thoughts. Keep it up.

  12. Kamlesh Patel

    Wah…Mithilesh… તે તો અમારા Summer ની પણ યાદ તાજી કરાવી દીધી… તને ખબર છે કે અમદાવાદની પોળો નું Summer vacation કેવું હોય છે?

  13. Suhas Doke

    Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail, the article is very interesting.

  14. Joyjit Sinha Roy

    Wonderfully expressed. Want to see you as an author someday. You are a potential writer. Stay blessed.

  15. Joyjit Sinha Roy

    Wonderfully expressed. You are a potential blogger. Want to see you as an author someday. Stay blessed.

  16. Himani Mittal

    Well expressed Sonu. You made us recall our summer vacations enjoyed with our friends. We too wish that we could also go down to that age and have one. Really Superb.

  17. Jigen Majmudar

    Very well done.. I show Janak in 9th std. ,so eager to learn new things, explore the world and today Mithilesh time flies so much impressive and creative writing ✍, well done, Bhagwan tamne khab khub pragati aape , je mahnat and hard work kari ne Janak aa position par pochiyo che ana thi pan vadhu pragati kare and khub j siddhi malve.. ej prathna.. Jigen Majmudar

  18. CG Bhagchandani

    Stupendous thinking and analysis at this tender age. Great work dear Mithilesh, keep it up. Bless you dear.

  19. Nishant Vyas

    This is amazing. I mean having this much understanding at this age is simply superb. Very well and truly written. Long way to go Sonu. Good luck

  20. Mansukh Savaliya

    Indeed, he expressed himself in best way which is normally rare at this age. It happens through best parenting only.

  21. Mrugen Dholakia

    Sonu, you have very well Expressed the feelings and inner Sentiments of all us during the Pandemic Situation and our Expectations thereafter, confirming to the Pre-Pandemic Lives we all lived and enjoyed.

    Your inherent, inbuilt capabilities have transformed our feelings to your fabulous expression, for which we all are excited about the upcoming vacation period and Awaiting a Call from Our Dear SONU for forthcoming Summer Extravaganza.

  22. Veena kaul kachru

    Beautifully expressed feelings of all children who really pined for vacation, got stuck at homes. Now back is the feeling and excitement.
    Very nice and aptly written by a very young, sensitive, smart and mature by our dearest SONU .GOD BLESS YOU ? ?

  23. Rita Sharma

    Very happy to see you growing at a speed that is surpassing your growing age
    Great dear and waiting for many such pieces from you in future

  24. Dr. Mamta Patel

    Hats off to critical thinking skill and imagination for this age…post is full of great and heart touching pieces……good job little one

  25. Hardik Vyas

    You took me down the memory lane, where I could transiently revisit the summer holidays of my childhood. It’s penned so right that it depicts a truth that days close to soil-and-sun are really holy-days. Kudos…

  26. Dr Lodha P

    Oh Dear, surely you will get the freedom of pre covid era this time. Explore n channelize your energies…

  27. Gaurang patel

    You took me down the memory lane, where I could transiently revisit the summer holidays of my childhood. It’s penned so right that it depicts a truth that days close to soil-and-sun are really holy-days. Kudos…

    1. Mrunalini Rana

      U share such a sweet expression of getting back to childhood days where you cherished memories to paly cricket in the scorchy heat, enjoy roadside chat.

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