Junagadh: District Employees Are Working Digilantly, Says Collector Raj

| Updated: July 15, 2022 6:06 pm

Many districts in Gujarat are currently suffering heavy rains and downpours, which have led to all kinds of problems. Several cities and villages are facing flood-like situations due to rivers in the surrounding areas getting overflowed and dams getting leaks. Waterlogging and other damages have become frequent things. India Meteorological Department has said that the state would be witnessing heavy to very heavy rains for at least the next two days. As such, the state government has gathered all its resources for disaster control and carrying out an impressive job. NDRF and Air Force are also assisting the state in the matter.

In this regard, Junagadh is also one of the districts that have been affected by heavy rains in the first 15 days of July. District control rooms have been set up in the district in order to provide necessary help to people in need. Helpline numbers have been made public so that people can get in touch with the administrators and seek solutions to their problems. Junagadh District Collector Rachit Raj recently went undercover to check how these control rooms and helpline centres are working. On his part, it was a random inspection to ensure that the systems put in place are efficiently working.

Speaking to Vibes of India, Collector Raj said that he had called up a helpline in one of the district’s talukas and conveyed a problem to them. He said, “I called up a helpline, pretending to be a helpless person who needed help. The employee was able to solve my problem without any delays!”

Furthermore, he explained, “District employees are loyal to their work and also serving the people during the time of disaster. Since the situation has become really serious in many places due to monsoon in the last 15 days, the employees of the district, especially those in the revenue department, are working diligently in three shifts.”

Talking about the coordination in the control rooms, Collector Raj said He said, “The Disaster Control Room is well-coordinated to provide rain statistics and information on any damage. The employees are also prepared to extend help to the people who are stuck in difficult situations.” Giving an example of a successful case, he said that because of the quick thinking of the staff on a 108 ambulance, a woman gave birth to a baby. Both the baby and the mother are doing well.

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