Kajol Says No to Molestation Scenes: "As an Actor, You Really Feel It"

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Kajol Says No to Molestation Scenes: “As an Actor, You Really Feel It”

| Updated: December 13, 2023 16:46

Kajol Says No to Molestation Scenes

Renowned Indian actress Kajol has opened up about why she refuses to film scenes involving sexual assault, citing the emotional toll it takes on actors.

Speaking at the Netflix Film Actors’ Roundtable 2023, Kajol acknowledged past roles where she performed such scenes, including in “Baazigar” (1993), “Ishq” (1997), and “Dushman” (1998). However, she emphasized her current stance against them, stating, “I’ll not do scenes that require me to be either molested or in any way show me in a place where I don’t want to be.”

Drawing on her experience, Kajol described the discomfort and emotional disturbance associated with filming such scenes. “As actors, when we do a shot, we’re feeling it, we’re really feeling it,” she said. “The camera captures it if you’re not being honest, and at times like this, you need to be honest.”

Kajol’s personal stance is firm: “I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t feel comfortable when I have to act out a scene where I am being physically abused or molested.” She acknowledges past participation but reiterates, “I don’t need this particular experience…I can prove my point to be a good actor in 100 different other ways.”

While Kajol’s latest project, “Lust Stories 2” (2023), featured her character suffering abuse from her partner, the scenes were not explicitly shown. Instead, the impact was conveyed through physical marks on her face.

Looking ahead, Kajol’s upcoming film “Do Patti” promises a suspenseful journey set against the backdrop of the North Indian hills. Scheduled for release on Netflix, the film co-stars Kriti Sanon and marks a new chapter in Kajol’s career, one free from the discomfort of exploitative scenes.

Kajol’s stance against filming molestation scenes sparks a crucial conversation about the emotional well-being of actors and the responsibility of filmmakers to avoid perpetuating harmful narratives. Her voice adds weight to the growing movement demanding ethical and sensitive portrayals in cinema.

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