Resilience is key to achieving artistic excellence

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Resilience is key to achieving artistic excellence, point out a few notable artistic geniuses.

|Ahmedabad | Updated: June 30, 2024 12:03

Resilience is key to achieving artistic excellence

Though there are several factors leading ar3sts in their niches to elevated success, resilience is the hero trait that makes all the difference.

A few individuals may take years to realize their dreams, while others may strive for excellence from a very young age, recognizing the power of their dreams and their potential to create a wave of positive change around the world. Understanding the whole purpose of their existence, they start their journeys quite early and gradually climb up the ladder of success. Such highly driven, passionate, and high-performing individuals have changed the narrative of most industries around the world, including, of course, the ever-evolving entertainment realm.

Theater, music, writing, and performing arts are highly demanding and taxing realms that may cause individuals to experience the toughest challenges in their journeys. However, experts in the entertainment sector, including notable actors, directors, writers, and producers, often have spoken about how perseverance has played a crucial role more than anything else in helping dreamers become achievers in the industry.

Janya Govani, who emerged as one such artist who turned her visions into reality by continuously staying committed to her art and hustling to improve her craft as an actor, singer, dancer, writer, playwright, and multimedia artist of the theater, also can’t emphasize enough the power of resilience.

Janya Govani emerged as one such artist who made her visions a reality by her Dedication

From doing theater to doing films and also foraying into other artistic realms like dance and vocals, Govani knows that going to places to learn the art of multiple mediums may taint personal artistic vision. ‘Although it is very important to find openness within oneself to learn all that can be learnt, it is also imperative we preserve our strength to be able to do so in the most optimal way, and after that, of course have the strength to create work themselves that

will then go on to be learning or methods of enjoyment or simply inspiration for other individuals.’ 

‘I have the most faith I have ever had in anything. I have the least expectation from others. I am just doing the work and not expecting the result.’

As artists, they should stay faithful and in sight of their voice in the face of struggles, leave no stone unturned in giving their best, no matter what, and ensure that they leave an indelible mark through their craft in the entertainment sector all over the world.

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