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| Updated: July 7, 2021 5:39 pm

Anish Ganpathy

When the pandemic was announced and the schools were shut, who suffered the most? Kids. Whenever mom and dad make sudden decisions, who becomes a part of it unwillingly? Kids.

Kids always listen to what their parents say, as it’s for their good. But is it a necessity that when parents make decisions, children must agree to them? Elders say that children must always obey them. But children these days are both capable and responsible enough to make their own decisions and implement them as well.

Undoubtedly, online learning is the best mode of education during these testing times. However, e-learning and online education just cannot replace the normal methods of schooling. Moreover, online education can never give you that feeling of sitting in your school and learning. The funny thing is that adults never think that the youngsters would disapprove of their ideas, or have a whole different plan in their mind. Parents indeed know the good and bad for their kids, but the kids should be given a chance to prove that they are good at decision-making themselves. This way, we would also come to know what each child’s potential is and what each of them is capable of achieving. It would also be easy to find future leaders based on their decision-making skills. One thing that children need to keep in mind is to not make decisions that may harm someone. This way one can maintain a good balance between responsibilities and freedom of making decisions.

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  1. Sukumar Uncle

    Very well written, Anish. Quite matured thinking too. It is important that you don’t tread on other childrens’ shoes to survive and your last comment supports that principle. Well done Anish!
    Keep inventing your own thinking to help you become more independent.
    All the best!👍

  2. Snehalata Dhayagude

    Excellent Anish. Well written article. It depicts independent thinking. You must know the razor edge difference in rebellious thinking and responsible attitude. Heartiest congratulations. Keep writing. Happy writing 👍

  3. Subhashini

    Well thought nd wrtten Anish ,i do agree parents do not give fair chance to kids to make decisions out of fear nd love. God bless you.

  4. Dr Swati

    Well written kido ! Keep it up, good to see children r able to express n also thinking in mature way ! Of course one must nurture decision making skills for tomorrow’s bright future talents ! 👏

  5. Divya

    Well said Anish. It is true that children these days are capable of judging what is right and what is wrong. So they have right to make decisions. It is advisable to first discuss with the elders or to make them aware before jumping to conclusions or taking any steps in regards to their decisions. The reason is elders advice based on their experience.

  6. Jacob P

    Excellent thoughts Amish.. you raise valid points. Completely agree that kids need to involved in the decision making. Times have changed so should we. It is important to encourage mentored independence in young generation for them to become leaders and innovators. Hope this brings a healthy change good luck

  7. Eashwar

    Anish Kuddos. Appreciate your thoughtful, matured expressions, I agree with your views. The present situation has taught the world a new normal, it’s an great experience to parents and the children.
    Keep expressing and keep thinking ahead.
    Way to go.
    Best wishes and God Bless.

  8. Eashwar

    Anish Kuddos. Your thoughtful views with great maturity is well taken. The parents and children are experiencing a new normal, we don’t have any options but to adopt, which is tough.
    Keep expressing yourself. Think ahead.
    Way to Go.
    With Best wishes. God Bless.

  9. Lajja Shastri

    Anish, that was indeed very well expressed. By talking to the children before making any decisions FOR them, I think the children and parents both can become aware of two different perspectives and that would be a good learning for both. I loved how you put your thoughts across so clearly 👍🙂

  10. Heena dagliya

    Kudos Anish! Surprisingly from elementary school through high school, kids are generally capable of making decisions that are about as good as the decisions we’d make for them. And the more we give them the ability to make their own decisions, the better they’ll be at it as they grow,perfectly written…keep it up 👍🏻

  11. Swati Sinha

    I really appreciate your insights Anish. The way u delt with the thoughts of the youngsters is really admirable. Very well written. Keep it up!

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