Nintendo: The Charm Of Gaming

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Nintendo: The Charm Of Gaming

| Updated: March 23, 2023 15:03

‘Nintendo’ – a name that we all have heard. Be it a child or an adult, all of us are used to Nintendo.

Well, let us see the history of this iconic video game industry. Nintendo was originally founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi. Nintendo was originally an arcade gaming company, and it went quite well but then came what was known as ‘The great crash of 1983’. Many companies started manufacturing their consoles and the whole video game market was going downfall until Nintendo stepped into the arena.

The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES was a breakthrough in the video game industry. With the help of this gaming console, it showed the user-friendly nature of Nintendo and moreover, saved the video game industry in a very big way. Then came its successor, the SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The SNES was much more effective than the original NES, but in terms of sales, it lost out by selling fewer units compared to the original. However, it was much more advanced and its controller was highly effective than other controllers in the market.

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Now came the console that we all know, the N64. Named after its processor, which was 64 times faster in speed, it started to compete with the Playstation in the 3D gaming industry and with it came its new successor, the Gamecube, but both of them went downmarket. But then came a lot of profit for Nintendo.

The Wii launched by Nintendo was so effective that it skyrocketed in sales as it provided a free copy of Wii sports and it targeted casual gamers. and the major change was that it consisted of the Wii remote and provided many sports like Baseball, bowling etc. With it came to its successor, The Wii U. It was an older form of the Nintendo Switch.

In 2018, came the beast, The Nintendo Switch. A compact, elegant, user-friendly model it is and currently, the sales are skyrocketing.

The original meaning of Nintendo is ‘Luck of Heaven’ and they have achieved it too. With that being said, let us appreciate Nintendo for providing us with such amazing consoles.

Name:- Savit Kumar
Class:- 8th
School:- D.A.V International School, Ahmedabad

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