Kutch: BSF Seizes Seven Paksitani Boats Near Harami Nalla carrying Rotten Fishes

| Updated: February 17, 2022 10:35 pm

BSF troops seized seven Pakistani fishing boats today at about 1200 hours, 07 more Pak fishing boats containing loads of rotten fishes lying in a narrow channel in the general area Harami Nalla was found.

Recently, on February 11, the BSF troops apprehended six Pakistani fishermen along with 11 boats near the Harami Nalla area. This was a part of a search operation launched on 9th February 9, 2022, during a UAV mission 20 to 22 Pak fishing boats were observed. Following this, BSF launched a massive search operation along with the help of the Army and IAF and seized 11 Pak fishing boats on the 10th and 6 Pak fishermen were captured on 11th February 2022.

UAV mission continued till 13th February. However, BSF troops continued patrolling and search of the area spread over 300 square km. Thus a total of 18 fishing boats have been found in Harami Nala so far. According to the officials, the boats seized today are probably those seen in UAV missions and left behind by fleeing Pak fishermen. This intensive search operation is still in continuation as there is a possibility of recovery of two to four more fishing boats from the area.

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