Less Than Half Of AMC Public Gardens Have Toilet Facility

| Updated: January 23, 2023 11:37 am

Only 100 of the 284 public gardens in AMC have toilet facilities while only 55 have drinking water facilities. Of the 100 gardens with toilet facilities, 16 have pay-and-use facilities.

Ahmedabad is divided into seven zones by the AMC and the West Zone has the highest number of gardens at 76 followed by North West Zone (64), North Zone (37), South Zone (31), South West Zone (29), East Zone (27) and Central Zone (20).

Of the total toilets, 18 are in the West Zone of which five are Pay and Use facilities. North and North West Zones have 17 toilets each with the former having no Pay & Use facilities and the latter having three.
East Zone has 14 toilet blocks; none are Pay and Use toilets while the other zones have washroom facilities including Pay and Use ones in single digits.

As for drinking water, 15 gardens in the West Zone have the facility, 13 in the North West Zone, and 11 in the North Zone. The rest of the zones have few drinking water facilities.

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