Love Can Wait: Weddings In Gujarat Get Postponed Due To Covid Scare

| Updated: December 31, 2021 2:42 pm

Gujarat clocks 573 new Covid cases in the past 24 hours. Another Covid wave is knocking on our doors and this is bound to disrupt our lives, once again. The biggest drawback of covid cases is that the economy suffers taking a toll on all possible sectors. One of the badly hit industries was the wedding industry, which usually used to brim with events and joy, suddenly had to face an abrupt harsh halt for many months.

Recently in the months of October to early December 2021, the wedding industry saw a reviving period as the covid went down and grand weddings picked up. But sadly, the gloomy clouds have begun to hover on the sector again as the third wave due to the emerging spread of a new Omicron variant of the Covid virus is picking up pace.

The silver lining here is that the weddings in the Gujarat state are still being commenced, however, people are getting conscious of the guest list.

According to Rajeev Chhajer, Managing Director of RC Events, “It was a good time for the wedding industry and everybody as the wedding season this year passed really nicely. But unfortunately, now people are scared and worried that whether they should get married or not, they are also contemplating the scale of the marriage. the dates are nearby, so people are scared so they are doing the wedding but they are doing it with very few people as per the government guidelines.”

Rajeev Chhajer

He also added that hardly one or two clients are cancelling the wedding otherwise everyone else is doing a wedding be it getting married in a church or temple but they are getting married.

Rajeev Chhajer shared that people are even considering postponing their weddings, he said ” Some have in fact prepone their wedding fearing that they won’t be able to do it later in the coming months. In fact, those who were to get married in February and March 2022 are getting married in the early days of January. It has been our duty as responsible citizens to follow the guidelines and organize the weddings accordingly also all the event managers are very sincere in this manner.”

According to Namrata Patel, Partner and Founder of Shana and Namrata Events, “our set of events that are meant to happen in January, everyone is conscious of the number of people, they are okay with reducing the number of people well and go minimalistic. During November-December it was people for people, top do 500 to 400 people on their weddings but now that won’t be able to happen, which I feel is correct also because of the current situation we don’t want to again hit a lockdown.”

Namrata Patel

“But if we let everyone decide on a particular number to get time to follow the guidelines then the festivities are good to go,” She added.

Patel also shared how it shouldn’t be just the Event and wedding industry’s responsibility to take precautions and they should not be blamed for it. ” Also, it shouldn’t be the responsibility of just the Event industry to control covid, the event industry is not supposed to be blamed for the pandemic because they ( the government) are also organizing The vibrant Summit, rallies and doing everything they want to.”

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