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Mahima Talks About Her Chemotherapy In Conversation with Anupam Kher

The Kashmir Files star Anupam Kher shared a heartfelt video on Instagram on June 9. In the video, Anupam Kher interviews Mahima Chaudhry about her struggle with Breast Cancer. In the video, the actress became emotional as she mentioned her chemotherapy journey.

Chaudhry, seen last in the Dark Chocolate, revealed on social media that she went through chemotherapy. Moving ahead, she shared her journey of getting through strenuous times of her life. Anupam Kher learned about her condition when he called her to offer her a role in an upcoming movie.

The number of role offers Mahima received shocked her. We can see Chaudhry going through a breakdown in your video as she said, “Ever since I lost my hair, I have been getting a lot of calls for shows and web series. And I was like, oh my god, why now! I do not even have hair. So I did not tell them. And I told you because I could not lie to you. I do not know. I get so emotional.” She told Kher that it was during her annual check-up she found out about her cancer.

Mahima Chaudhry, the Lajja actress, praised her sister for standing beside her during her tough time. She revealed that her sister made her realise it was a treatable disease. During the interview, she said, “She asked me to stop behaving like a 17th-century woman.”

Furthermore, Anupam Kher gave affirmations and supported Mahima when she got emotional. She admitted that acceptance came late to her, and she spent many days sobbing about it. However, a little boy gave her hope and zeal. The boy said to her, “You have such little medicines. I have so many medicines.”

In conclusion, she assured her viewers that she has recovered and is feeling better.

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