Man Gets Scammed, Loses 4 Lakh in Fake Lottery

| Updated: July 30, 2022 1:40 pm

Mohammed Hussain Lakha, a resident of Maliya Hatina in Junagadh became a part of fraud as three people conned him by saying he had won Rs 25 lakh in the KBC lottery. The three people are named Raj Singhania, Pavan Raj, and Aakash Verma. But the police suspect that the hoodwinkers would have given fake names to Lakha.

The mobile numbers they had provided were also turned off.
Lakha had received a message that he had won Rs 25 lakh rupees in the KBC lottery and also a photo of the cheque and an image of the copy of the prize on his mobile. He further got a call from Singhania saying that he would have to pay some registration fees besides other expenses.

Lakha paid the money in various installments between October 21, 2021 and February 15,2022. He first paid Rs 21,000 into a bank account and then paid another 4.07 lakh in total but did not receive any money from the lottery. When all his attempts to get his money back failed, Lakh had no option but to approach the police on Thursday night.

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