Manuj Khurana : Tesla Executive Leaves Company Because of its Decision to Put Entry Plan on Hold 

| Updated: June 15, 2022 12:42 pm

Policy and Business Development executive at Tesla in India resigns after US carmakers put on hold plans to sell electric cars in the South Asian nation. He was hired in March 2021,and had played a vital role in forming a domestic market-entry plan for Tesla in the country.

He undertook the task of lobbying the Indian government for more than a year to reduce the import tax on electric cars from 100 to 40%. India applies 100% import duty on any car, electric or not

The above move would have helped Tesla to test the markets with imports from China, before investing in a factory

But, PM Modi refused to offer any such concessions before Tesla began manufacturing cars locally. They entered a deadlock, and Tesla postponed its plans to sell cars in India for now. It reassigned some of the domestic team and left its search for showroom space nbsp;

No comments were received on this by either Khurana or Tesla. And mail sent to Khurana was answered by an automated reply that the address in question was no longer valid, and further mail would not be received

One of the sources said “Tesla’s plans to launch in India right now are as good as dead,”

Elon Musk declared on Twitter last month that the company would not set up a factory in any location where it was not first allowed to sell and service cars.

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