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Massive Asteroids To Fly Past Earth In 2 Months

| Updated: October 17, 2021 19:28

In the coming few weeks, at least seven massive asteroids are racing towards our blue and green planet. All of these asteroids are categorized as Potentially Hazardous Objects (PHO) and believed to be larger than 140 meters.

As per NASA, three asteroids will pass by before Halloween while the other five will be here in November.

The seven asteroids passing by Earth are:

October 20: The space rock – 1996 VB3, would fly by Earth. This would be bigger than 2021 SM3, assessed to be between 100 meters and 130 meters. This would likewise be a close Earth object yet would pass by a nearer distance of 3.2 million kilometres.

October 25: An asteroid – 2017 Sj20, would pass by the planet in the following eight days. This would be more modest than past ones, assessed to be between 90 meters to 200 meters. It would pass by 7.1 million kilometres from the blue planet.

November 2: An asteroid – 2017 TS3, would pass by the distance of 5.3 million kilometres. The size of the space rock is assessed to be between 98 meters to 220 meters.

November 13: An asteroid – 2004 UE, would pass by the distance of 4.2 million kilometres. This would be likely the biggest flyby on the whole. The size of the space rock is assessed to be between 170 meters to 380 meters.

November 20: An asteroid – 2016 JG 12, would pass by the distance of 5.5 million kilometres. The size would be around 190 meters.

November 21: An asteroid – 1982 HR (otherwise called 3361 Orpheus), would pass on the exceptionally following day, by the distance of 5.7 million kilometres. This would be a gigantic one, and the size of this flyby is assessed to be around 300 meters.

November 29: An asteroid – 1994 WR12, would be the last space rock and would pass be the distance of 6.1 million kilometres. The size is assessed to be between 92 meters to 210 meters.

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