MLA Lalit Vasoya Leaves Congress WhatsApp Groups: Labels It Mistake

| Updated: June 9, 2022 9:25 pm

Congress leaders in Gujarat have become highly unpredictable due to their defaulting rates. Patel community leader, MLA, and party spokesperson Lalit Vasoya applauded Congress aggressively when Hardik Patel left the party. However, on Thursday, Vasoya abruptly left all the Congress party Whatsapp groups, one by one.

Vasoya’s action suddenly intensified the heartbeats of many Congress leaders. Patel tried to handle the matter when the humiliation started by anointing it as a mistake. Going through the past figures since the 2017 elections, 72 INC leaders, including MLAs, left the party and joined others.

Recently, Dhoraji MLA’s close friend Hardik, the former working President of Gujarat INC, left the party and joined BJP. During the kerfuffle, Hardik quoted, “BJP shall admit leaders every ten days including MLAs.” According to speculations, Vasoya was about the receive more responsibilities for the Saurashtra region.

A few days ago, Lalit Vasoya confirmed that he was not leaving Congress. He also claimed that someone deliberately circulated such screenshots to defame me. As rumors of Vasoya leaving INCsurfaced, he said that if any of the claims are true, he would leave the party and resign from the MLA post.

Responding to whispers of being close to Hardik, Lalit Vasoya said, “No Congress Patidar can even think of going with Hardik Patel. We criticized him for the first time after he joined the BJP.” Lalit Vasoya further said, ”If I have to leave , I will call everyone a month in advance and tell them that I am leaving and these are the reasons behind it. At present I have no reason to leave. Personally or politically, I have no enmity with anyone in Congress or BJP. If I want to leave Congress, I will first go to Congress Bhavan and tell.”

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