Morbi Tragedy: Government Health Machinery Under Pressure

| Updated: November 1, 2022 12:33 pm

The bridge collapse tragedy in Morbi has once again exposed the under-preparedness of the government health facilities in times of calamity. Though the medical and para-medical professionals were rushed to Morbi from nearby towns such as Rajkot, many of the injured had to be rushed to private hospitals by their relatives.

The government machinery at the hospitals was overwhelmed by the sudden influx of the dead and injured after such an unexpected event. The requirement of postmortem was done away with in accordance with a government circular. As per the circular, if multiple deaths are caused due to a single event, the postmortem on all victims is not necessary.

The government has also kept a separate ward at the Rajkot Civil Hospital in readiness should the Morbi Civil hospital fail in efficiency. Earlier, the Morbi Civil Hospital was in the line of fire for inefficient functioning during the pandemic.

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