Narco Terrorist Shahid Kasam Sumra Nabbed at Delhi Airport

| Updated: July 29, 2021 5:10 pm

In a major operation conducted by the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Gujarat, a dreaded narco terrorist Shahid Kasam Sumra 35, hailing from Mandvi in Kutch of Gujarat has been caught from Delhi airport in the wee hours of the morning.

Sumra is wanted in at least four big cases including a 500-kilo heroin case. The cases were registered with Gujarat ATS, Punjab STF and National Investigation Agency (NIA) The market value of the drug is Rs 2500 crores. The heroin was brought from Pakistan,

Sumra, a Gujarati from Kutch has active connections with Pakistan based Haaji Jaan, a terrorist affiliated to LeT.

Shahid Kasam Sumra

Sumra had fled to Dubai after his accomplices Abdul Aziz Baghad and Rafiq Sumra were arrested with heroin from Salaya in Gujarat by the ATS in 2018.

Senior ATS sources Sumra’s accomplices Rafiq Sumra and Abdul Aziz Baghad were caught with 5 Kg heroin seizure from Salaya in Dev Bhoomi Dwarka in 2018. The heroin which was linked to a total of 500 Kg heroin worth over Rs 2500 crore drug consignment which was dispatched from Pakistan and was meant for Punjab and other North Indian States.

“Manjeetsingh Butasingh, Reshamsingh Karsansingh and Punit Kajala of Punjab had received the drugs in Amritsar on instructions of Amritsar based Simranjeetsingh Sandhu, an international drug mafiosi. The drug consignment was sent from Unjha, a town in North Gujarat in trucks loaded with cumin bags. Later Simranjeetsingh Sandhu had also sneaked out of the country only to be held later in Italy. His extradition process is on. The case is being handled by the National Investigation Agency (NIA)” a senior ATS official added.

As far as the details of the case are concerned, ATS officials said after the arrest of Baghad and Rafiq Sumra with heroin from Jam Salaya, Shahid Sumra had hidden 200 Kg of heroin in the pit and later smuggled it to Punjab. However, Punjab police had seized the stuff.

Shahid was absconding in another case in which Gujarat ATS had seized 30 Kg of heroin worth Rs 150 crore from a boat named “Nooh” off Gujarat Coast. A total of eight Pakistanis were arrested.

After that Shahid Sumra fled to Dubai. “We had a tip that Sumra is coming to India and landing at Delhi airport on the morning of 29th July 2021. A team of ATS officials was dispatched immediately to Delhi. We caught Sumra as soon as he came out of the airport. We will be handing over Sumra to the NIA later on” added an ATS official.

According to ATS officials, Sumra is wanted in over four cases of drug trafficking including the seizure of 35 kg heroin in 2021. “Five Pakistani’s were arrested in the case. The drug was loaded in Dhows from an isolated spot near Karachi Port and from mid sea the consignment was picked up by dhows owned by Shahid Sumra. It was first stored in Mandvi and then transported to Punjab” added an ATS official.

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