UAE To Allow Visitors Only Who Have Taken Booster Shots

| Updated: January 18, 2022 4:27 pm

Drop your travel plans to Abu Dhabi if you haven’t received booster doses because as per the new rules by the UAE government – you are not considered to be fully vaccinated in case you haven’t had booster doses. And it has banned visitors who are not fully vaccinated in the wake of rising cases of Omicron.

After facing a countrywide surge in new cases of the new variant of concern Omicron, ABU Dhabi requires travellers to be administered booster doses before entering the city.

 UAE Government Health app earlier notified that all the passengers travelling to UAE must Compulsory Show a Green pass Confirming their Vaccination Status, According to the new policy Visitors who have yet not Received Booster dose will not be considered as a fully vaccinated.

Those who want to visit Abu Dhabi must have a negative report for the virus within the last 2 weeks prior visit. UAE government started giving booster dose to the citizens since AUG-2021 and the country also hold the highest Vaccination rate per capita.

90% population of the country is fully vaccinated and holds a green card, Abu Dhabi residents compulsorily have to show Green pass before entering public places.

The UAE Government has taken a stricter approach against the virus than neighbouring Country Dubai.

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