Panel to Rule on Appeals Against Social Media Takedowns: First in the World

| Updated: June 3, 2022 4:19 pm

A move by India which can be the first worldwide as said by the information technology ministry, India is considering setting up an appeals panel snatch or moreover reversing the competency of content moderation decisions of social media firms.

A divulgence came in a document on Thursday, seeking comments to change rules in IT rules that were introduced last year to regulate the content of social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and make them accountable for it.

There is a set deadline of 30 days for appeals against decisions by company grievance officers while the panel gets 30 days further to take up the matter. For the same, firms have to mandatorily have an in-house grievance redressal and specific executives to deal with law enforcement officers.

The draft rules say in a newly-added section, referring to social media companies, “The intermediary shall respect the rights accorded to citizens under the constitution,”

Twitter declined these rules last year and hence, tension has begun to blaze between the Indian nationalist government and Twitter. Twitter did not comply with the orders to pull down the posts accused of spreading misinformation about farmers’ protests last year against the government.

Last year, government authorities indicated that if social media companies failed to respect domestic information and technology rules, they may no longer be eligible for liability protection as intermediaries or hosts of user content.

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