PM Modi At Gujarat Khadi Utsav: Khadi To Go ‘Local To Global’

| Updated: August 27, 2022 7:46 pm

PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the Atal Bridge on the first day of his two-day visit to Gujarat. Speaking about Ahmedabad’s iconic pedestrian-only bridge over Sabarmati Riverfront, PM Modi said, “Atal Bridge is not only connecting the two banks of Sabarmati. But it is also unprecedented in design and innovation. The makers have also considered Gujarat’s famous kite festival in its design.”

Khadi Broke The Chains of Slavery: PM Modi

Spinning the Charkha took the Prime Minister back to his childhood days. He said, “On the occasion of 75 years of India’s independence, 7,500 sisters and daughters have created history by spinning yarn on Charkha.” PM Modi also addressed the spinners at the Khadi Utsav in the vicinity of Sabarmati Riverfront. He said, “History is witness that a thread of Khadi became the force of freedom movement, it broke the chains of slavery. The same thread of Khadi can become a source of inspiration to fulfil the promise of a developed India, the dream of self-reliant India.”

“Khadi is a brand of ecological apparel as it leaves the least carbon footprint. N places with high temperatures can use Khadi as a fabric, and Khadi is significant from a health perspective. Khadi can therefore have a significant impact on the world stage,” the Prime Minister stated.

He added, “It is important that our products do not hurt the environment. I’m emphasising this because Khadi is the prime example of sustainable and eco-friendly clothing,”

PM Modi Hails Women Of Khadi Industry

As PM Modi talked about the significance of Khadi, he did not miss to praise the women behind the booming Khadi industry. According to the Prime Minister, the Khadi industry has seen massive growth in the past few years. 

For the women behind the Charkhas, PM Modi said, “The women’s power in India is the sole reason behind Khadi’s evolution.” He added, “After India’s independence Khadi went out of fashion. NationForKhadi and Khadi Utsav will encourage the use of Khadi among the people. It will also benefit the women by providing them with employment.”

“Due to competition from the global toy industry, India’s toy sector has been decimated during the last few decades. The government’s efforts are changing the situation right now. Currently, we import fewer toys from abroad,” stated PM Modi.

Lastly, the Prime Minister repeated the ‘Panch Prana.’ He also congratulated the Gujarat government for the successful implementation of Khadi Utsav.

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