PM Modi’s Mother Heeraben’s Health Improving: UN Mehta Hospital

| Updated: December 29, 2022 6:58 pm

Due to some medical concerns, Heeraben (99), popularly known as Heeraba, was admitted to the UN Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre on Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday afternoon, PM Modi travelled from Delhi to Ahmedabad and met his mother in the super-specialty hospital. He spent more than an hour in the hospital. He had also spoken to medical professionals at the hospital, a government-funded independent medical facility located on the premises of the civil hospital. 

“Smt Heeraba Modi’s health condition is recovering,” the hospital said in a statement.  Somabhai Modi, the PM’s oldest brother, said earlier in the day that their mother’s condition was progressively getting better and that she had liquid meals in the morning.

“Her condition is gradually improving. She is much better today, she moved her arms and legs,” Somabhai Modi said. “She even asked us, through a sign, to put her in the sitting position and also took liquid food given by the hospital. The decision about her discharge will be taken by doctors after conducting her CT Scan and MRI today.”

The hospital reported on Wednesday that the mother of the PM is in a stable condition. Heeraben lives with Pankaj Modi, the PM’s younger brother, in the Raysan village near Gandhinagar.

In most of his trips to Gujarat, PM Modi visits Raysan and spends time with her mother.

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