Police Decides to Use Sports to Establish Peace; Mixed Teams To Play Cricket

| Updated: June 13, 2022 12:05 pm

The protests are ever so high, after Nupur Sharma’s controversial remarks about the Prophet. To refrain a similar event of violence from undertaking at the Rath Yatra, which happens to be the biggest event of its kind after world-famous Yatra in Odisha’s Puri with, 3-4 lakh devotees participating in the 9-km procession; the police have decided to organize a cricket match to keep things under control. 

Sources from the Indian Express share that mixed teams from 6 communally sensitive wards on the route will be made and a cricket tournament for them will be organized that will commence from July 1. 

R V Asari, Additional Commissioner of Police, Sector 1, Ahmedabad City shared the idea behind the whole event is that Sports teaches discipline and team spirit. It can be an effective way to establish peace between the two communities. And hence, they have decided to have teams from 6 wards with a mix of Hindu and Muslim cricketers. The six wards are all situated in the old city, and are Jamalpur, Kalupur, Khadia, Dariapur, Shahpur and Saraspur. All of these wards, except Saraspur had observed protests after Nupur Sharma’s controversial comments on the Prophet. 

It was common earlier for Ahmedabad, to experience riots during cricket and celebration season. According to the Nanavati Commission report, violence broke out in the old city in 1941, 1946, 1965, 1969, 1992 and 1993 during the Yatra, making the riots a commonly expected event. 

 Now, the opposite is planned, that the same sports shall be used to build bridges instead of burning them. BJP leader from the old city and former Jamalpur Khadia MLA, said that in a game one side wins and the other side loses, yet the game teaches something to both the sides. And hence, such tournaments should be held every once in a year to establish peace.

Comments from people involved :

Mansuri Mohammad Faruq, a 45 year old resident and organizer of the Mansuri Premier League,( a local cricket tournament) commented on how this was a crucial step taken by the police for the peace and stability of the city. He further explained that it’s not as if Hindus and Muslims don’t want to live in synchronicity, but a few elements come in the way of that. He was positive that his family, who has been organizing local cricket tournaments for the past 80 years in Ahmedabad, would be able to organize such an event that will act like a binding glue for these two communities to live together in peace. 

Mohammad Hussain Mammibhai, 78, who has been a regular figure at the peace meetings, shared that they had recently organized a collective blood donation camp where Hindus and Muslims both donated blood for the better good at the Lord Jagannath temple. He further questions what relationship can go deeper than blood?

Such peace meetings have been going on since the past two weeks.

The 145th Yatra :

The Rath Yatra usually consists of chariots, akharas, bhajan teams, elephants and large groups of devotees with music played by Djs. According to the officers, this year’s event, the 145 th Yatra, will be a full-fledged event after facing some hindrance or the other in the past two years. Police have already begun reaching out to local community leaders and clubs, and preparation is ongoing.

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