Priest Gives Up, But Kshama Won’t: Another Hurdle For The Sologamy Girl

| Updated: June 7, 2022 3:38 pm

Kshama, the first girl to opt for sologamy in the country, has her life stirred due to her recent quest for self-love. The priest, who agreed to perform her rituals, has backed out from doing the same.

The praise, criticism, and curiosity blowing on her for marrying herself are hard to handle. Curious people have crammed her with questions. Moreover, people are standing outside her apartment, which she rents, to resolve their queries.

Kshama, the bisexual young girl, asked, “Once I marry myself, I will try to register my marriage like any other couple. Yes, self-marriage does not have legal sanctity in our country, but it is also not illegal at the same time. When two people can get their marriage registered, why cannot I do the same?”

She wishes to register her marriage like any couple and will consult a lawyer for the same.

However, hindrances have been piling up at her doorstep in preparations for her wedding on June 11. She put up a sign requesting reporters to stay away as neighbors complained about unwanted visitors.

The unexpected media coverage and the threat from a local BJP woman have been heavy on her, and that is why she wishes to keep her wedding intimate and low-key.

She declared, “I didn’t want to hurt religious sentiments, so I decided to change the wedding venue. Now, I will play the wedding mantras on tape.” Kshama is planning to get married amongst close friends and family.

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