Rahul Gandhi Takes Jab At Jumla Version Of Vaccines

| Updated: November 8, 2021 12:53 pm

The Covid 19 vaccination in India recently touched the 100 million mark. With celebrations in order, Congress President Rahul Gandhi criticised the Narendra Modi led government for cherry picking. He said that the government should focus on the ones who haven’t been vaccinated yet instead of only celebrating the positives.

Following which, Congress MP from Wayanad shared an article about Congress President Rahul Gandhi in a newspaper. He said that the “Jumla version” of the vaccination won’t save lives, But the actual vaccination will. He later added that hashtag, “DutyToVaccinate”

The word “jumla” means false promise in Hindi which was popularised by Rahul Gandhi during a speech in the Parliament in 2018.

In the article shared, Sonia Gandhi had congratulated the country and science community for achieving the mark. At the same time, she also pointed out that India still has a long way to vaccinate everyone across the country.

Meanwhile. the official Twitter handle of Congress party also shared the story and quoted her in the Tweet. The quote said even though the BJP likes to emphasize the free vaccination. But under the India’s universal free vaccination policy, the Covid 19 vaccine has always been free.

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