Rajasthan: Dead Woman Saves 4 Via Skin Donation

| Updated: December 6, 2022 8:07 pm

Post the donating blood, organ donation, eye donation and body donation in Sawai Man Singh Hospital, the skin donation drive has also begun. The first skin donation was made at the skin bank built in the super speciality block.

Anita gave a new life to four people due to the skin donation. “Anita Goyal (50), a resident of Vaishali Nagar, suffered a cardiac arrest late on Sunday night,” said Dr Rakesh Kumar Jain, Head of the Department of plastic surgery at the hospital.

At the private hospital, a team of skin doctors arrived and took the skin of the woman’s back and legs. The procedure went on for two hours. After the procedure, the skin was stored in the back. This skin can be applied to four to five people with burns. Doctors said the skin bank was started in June. They claim that it is the only skin bank in North India. Here, through chemical treatment, the skin can be protected for four to five years in minus 30 to minus 80 degrees temperature.

As per the protocols, a person can donate skin post the completion of age 16 years. However, most of the donations are from brain-dead patients. SMS Hospital receives 35 to 50 per cent of burn injuries in fire accidents from across the state. There is certain protein loss and electrolyte fluid deficiency in the body of such patients. There is a risk of infection. They were forced to apply their own skin. Due to this it also took time for them to recover. Now it will not happen. Skin will be available to them from the skin bank. 

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