Rajasthan: Cong Mins Must Walk 15 Kms, Submit Report To People

| Updated: December 23, 2022 12:38 pm

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had given the task of walking 15 kilometres to all the ministers and MLAs. On the advice of Rahul, PCC President Govind Singh Dotasara announced the start of the walk on January 26. Under this, ministers, MLAs and Congress office bearers will walk 15 km a day in a month to communicate with the public.

Govind Singh Dotasara made it very plain that if you want a ticket, you must walk 15 kilometres while in the company of the general public and on the road. During this yatra, attention will be taken to guarantee that every minister reaches every district, according to Govind Singh Dotasara. It is believed that the issue in every district and the execution of the government plan can be guaranteed.

Local officials and MLAs, according to him, would be present with the minister. The route will proceed to the ward of village Dhani. The PCC will decide whose programme it is.

Additionally, separate in-charges will be appointed worldwide to keep an eye on this for the daily report can be created for it. He declared that the promotion and execution of government initiatives will be prioritised.

This yatra won’t be called the Bharat Jodo Yatra, according to PCC President. Although there is debate about the term, it is clear that all ministers and MLAs will now be required to walk and submit an evaluation report of the work done by the public. 

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