BTS’ RM Apologises To His Father For Giving Him Covid

| Updated: March 20, 2022 5:10 pm

RM of BTS discloses that everyone in his family received Covid-19 and apologizes to his father: I believe it came from me, says the singer.

BTS: RM admits that the Covid-19 has infected his entire family. He apologised to his father, who believes he stole it from him.

RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook from BTS recently performed a live session on V Live. They talked about their health, their impending Las Vegas concert, their Seoul concert, and their hair colour. BTS’ Jin was unable to participate in the live session due to recent surgery. The other members, on the other hand, provided a soft toy of BT21’s RJ, who represents Jin.

The BTS members discussed the high number of Covid-19 instances and requested that the ARMY take care of them. “No one in my family has it yet,” Jungkook stated. RM stated, “My entire family got it. I believe my father got it from me… Please accept my apologies, Dad.” “My dad caught it, and then my mum did,” Suga explained.

Suga added, as translated by Twitter user @btsbaragi jk, “Nowadays, everyone is getting it, so you must be cautious. For my part, I stated in/for the (news) articles that I was asymptomatic in case (you all) were concerned (I didn’t want you all to be concerned), but I did have some symptoms, so…”

RM and Jin were both infected with the coronavirus in December. They both recovered in January. Suga, Jimin, and V have also recovered from Covid-19.

When asked about his health, Jimin stated that he had “become anemic,” which caused him to think he would scream. “You’re going to collapse again that way,” Jungkook said, while RM cautioned him.

They also discussed their upcoming Las Vegas gig. They talked about how they haven’t done a concert in Las Vegas yet, and Suga commented about the weather. He claimed it’s “quite beautiful” in April, but it becomes incredibly hot in the summer. According to Jimin, “It’s supposed to be roughly 28° there. I’m not certain, but I believe so.” “Ahh… what do we do about our outfits?” V wondered. “Apparently, it will be better in the evening,” Suga remarked.

When a fan wondered why just RM had his hair coloured, the BTS leader said, “I’m sorry, people. I’ll change it back soon.” RM was spotted with blonde hair at the Permission to Dance on Stage performance in Seoul earlier this month.

“I’m getting to say this now, but we can’t hear the clappers at all when we wear the in-ears, so it was sad,” RM stated of their concert experience. “That’s why I kept pulling it off,” Jungkook explained. Suga said, “When you take out your in-ears, your ears usually go off, right? But it was so quiet and peaceful this time.”

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