School Plants 530 Mango Saplings To Become ‘Atma Nirbhar’

| Updated: December 30, 2022 4:17 pm

To transform the Gram Swaraj Vidhyalaya into “Atma Nirbhar,” the school’s principal, teachers, and students in Jalalpur, Padra Taluka, Vadodara, have planted 530 mango trees in a garden there (self-reliant).

Jalalpor’s Gram Swaraj Vidhyalaya is an Uttar Buniyadi school run by the Gram Swaraj Mandal trust. Along with academics, the principal and staff of the school teach farming to the students. They have planted 530 mango trees in a mango tree garden. Ramanbhai Limbachiya, the school’s principal, stated that the students have been taught farming for many years. Students pay a fee of Rs 50 per year to the school. Donors have helped to establish drinking water, laboratory, playground, sports equipment, and a hostel. The mango tree garden is planted on land donated by the government to the school for agricultural research. In, the principal purchased 130 saplings from a private company.

After the mangoes grow on the trees, the school will distribute them to the students. They will also be available for purchase in the market. The proceeds will be used to improve facilities for students at the school. According to the principal, the school will earn between Rs 4 and 5 lakh per year.

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